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Hello everyone Welcome to my Music And More For All, website.

I have had a love for music since I was six years old, All aspects of music. Singing, playing instruments, collecting records, Anything that had to do with music, I was into.

My whole family was into music one way or the other. One of my brothers played the guitar, as did my sister and me, my other brother played the drums. Both my mom and dad played various types of guitars and both of them sang.

My father was in a band and was always encouraging me and my sisters to sing.

While teaching us everything there is to know, by the time I was twelve, I had learned to play two instruments and was singing harmony on my brothers album.

I was in chorus and the band all through high school, and learned to play different instruments. I just loved the different sounds they had and how they made me feel.

One of my favorite instruments to play was the harp. They are just so amazing. The sound always made me feel warm and fuzzy. I know this sounds funny, but music has an incredible affect on peoples emotions.

How Music Affects Us

How many times have you listened to a song, and it brought you back to some other time, some other part of your life? Music makes you smile, sometimes it makes you sad, but it always makes you feel. This is how music and the sounds from voices or instruments affects us.

Sometimes you can feel down and hear one song that will pick you up. It does’t have to have lyrics either. It could could just be instrumental. As you hear differrent instruments playing, the different sounds flowiing through you. It takes you to a place where only those sounds or those songs can take you. An oldie song may bring you back to earlier days as a child or a teenager, or maybe it brought you back to a moment in time. Anyway you look at it, music will always have an affect on us.

My Musical Background

To this day I have learned the basics to a lot of instruments. I play the guitar, bass guitar, piano, french horn, tumpet and the harp. I can sing and harmonize to almost anything. I enjoy reasearching the different instruments out there and love all the different sounds. I love music, it keeps me grounded and keeps me smiling. There are a lot of reasons to help people find “their” music. It is a commom ground to feeling. People have an inner musician just dying to get out.. Wether it is singing, song writing, playing an instrument or even just listening to music, it is good for the soul.

The Goal Of My Site

To help people find their inner music. Help them find their perfect instrument, their perfect song or their favorite singing artists. What ever they need when it comes to music, I want to be there to help.



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