How Does Music Affect Us-And Why

Do You Feel That?

ever wonder how and why music affects us? You hear a certain song with a great beat or catchy tune and it just makes you want to dance or sing. Maybe you hear a song that brings you back to a moment or place in time that meant something to you. Either way it affects you, good or bad it DOES affect our emotions.

Sometimes you don’t want to hear a song because it brings you back. It may have been a sad situation or some kind of bad feeling you associate with that song, we all have been there and it isn’t always nice, but for the most part it brings out our happy feelings.

I think the reason we like music is that it offers us redemption from everyday monotony. Some times music starts a persons day. It puts us in a mood in which we desire to be. Music induces reflection, happiness and sadness.S MUSIC AFFECT USviolin girl

So What is music?

The music definition is simply, organized sound. Think about it, if you were to hear one sound or even two, it wouldn’t affect you very much. You just call them noise, but when you place these sounds in an organized arrangement they make sense to us and affects our brain and emotions. You then add lyrics to these “organized sounds” and you start to emotionally associate yourself with not just the music but the lyrics. Some music doesn’t have to have lyrics for people to get attached emotionally. How each person feels music, is as unique as the person themselves.


How music affects us is very different from person to person. The type of song, up beat or relaxing, can affect one person with great happiness or a sense of well-being, while another person can hear that same song and get angry or sad. It all depends on their mood at the time. A whole range of emotions can be experienced by any two people listening to the same song.
Sometime people select music that optimizes their mood that they are already in. If they are in a happy state, they may play up beat positive music that makes them feel better. They may also select up beat music when they are depressed to raise their current mood. In certain circumstances individuals may choose to listen to a slow emotional song when they are depressed to feel their current mood more intensely. The slower emotional songs, can be more relatable to their personal situation. Music appeals to the subconscious.


The way music affects us is actually more scientific than how. Don’t forget music affects our emotions. Music is an emotional stimulus. Let me explain how this works. When you listen to music, you get certain feelings inside. The feelings cause you to physically react to the sound, the lyrics or both. Remember, music is an emotional stimuli and can also be a physical one. Have you ever listened to a song and have had the chills or tingles? This is the physical emotion coming from your brain. This is what is called Frisson or ASMR?

Frisson is a chill you get as a result of that emotional stimulus. This affects you physically. Usually the stimuli is music that you experience on an emotional level. Not everyone gets it. Think of it as a sign that you are experiencing something deeply. The other physical stimuli is called ASMR.

ASMR are tingles, also a result of sensory stimulation. The feeling is its own reward. Some songs may cause one of these or maybe both. This affects the brain which sends signals to the body to react to the emotional stimulus.

Playing music however, is a little better. Playing enhances the result of all brain stimulation, into its own way of functioning. In other words, it uses every part of your brain from music memory to reaction time, creative motor skills, problem solving, matching skills, mathematics, improvising etc…. The list can go on and on.

Try picking up an instrument and start challenging your brain. Playing music is a fun way to test all the brain activity and making you feel the emotions that goes along with it.

Sing, Play or DanceLAY, SING OR DANCE

When you play, sing, dance or just listen to music you fill your senses with a euphoria that only music can bring. Learn to play a song on the guitar, (see my post on tablature or music notation, to learn to play guitar), or the flute or whatever instrument you desire. When they say music is for the soul, its fills much, much more.nclusion

I hope the next time you hear, sing or play music, you think about how it affects you. Is it physical or emotional or both. Let yourself feel and understand How and why you feel this way. Let music be your window to your soul. When all is said and done, we can’t stop music from having an emotional effect us, good, bad or indifferent.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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  1. Hey Joanne, great article i never knew music can affect you in so many ways physical and emotionally . Well put together ! I will be looking at music differently and paying more attention to what i am listening to.

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