Low Action Acoustic Guitars Comparison

How many times have you, as a beginner, bought an acoustic guitar to find out it makes your fingers hurt and cramp? A lot of this is because some guitars have a higher action than others.

Here we will take a look at some lower action guitars to help you, as a beginner, to compare some popular acoustic guitars on the market.

What Does Action Mean On A Guitar?

The action on a guitar is the distance between the finger board and the string. Simple as that. Not all guitars have a low action, they range from low to high action. The benefit on low action guitars is that they allow the beginner top play more quickly and with less effort to compress the strings.

Now just remember, too low of action can cause buzzing on the strings. So Let’s take a look and compare five low action guitars that are great for beginners. Guitar Model Size width Action Tone


Guitar Model Size width Action Tone

Ibanez Avm 10 Grand concert 14 -15 inches Very Low 2.3/32 Med

Ibanez PC12M Grand concert 14 -15 inches Low Med

Ibanez PN15 Parlor 14.75 Inches Low Small

Ibanez Low Action

Taylor 114E Grand Auditorium 16 Inches Low Med

Washburn WLD-10SCE Dreadnought 16 Inches Low Large

Though these are all low action, the size and tone really do go together.  The larger the body of the guitar, the bigger the sound. What I mean by bigger is, when you have a large body guitar, you will hear more bass than tenor.

The med guitars like the Grand Concert and Grand auditorium is a good balance between bass and tenor. The parlor will be more of a tenor sound.

So now that you have some information and comparisons, go to a music store and try them out. See which one fits you better and which sound you enjoy the most. Let that playing the guitar dream come true for you.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Hunting!!

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