The Best Acoustic Guitar For A Beginner

In my last post, we talked about how to pick the best guitar for beginners according to your size, comfort and style. This was an introductory to the things to consider before your buy a guitar.

Now that your know what to look for in a guitar, (specific to your), let’s talk about what acoustic guitars are out there for a beginner. I will give different choices for the criteria in which your feel your need in a beginners guitar.

Acoustic Guitars

We are going to stay on the subject of acoustic guitars, for the mere fact that this is probably the easiest guitar to start with. Acoustic guitars can be played without an amp or pedals. You can choose from a variety of guitars that suits the sound your would like to have and where your will be playing it, whether it is home, in a park or performing. So without further ado, lets have some fun and look at a few guitars.

Types Of Acoustics

In a previous Article I talked about what to look for in a guitar period. Now I want to give a little more information about the acoustic guitar before we start looking at choices. Acoustic means a sound that is produced within the body of the guitar without the use of electricity”.

First of all, the acoustic guitar does not need an amp. You can get an acoustic guitar that can plug into an amp, but you don’t need one to hear the sound. This is why it is a great type of guitar for beginners.

There are three types of modern Acoustic guitars, Classical (nylon strings), Steel string guitar, (acoustic), and archtop guitar. The nylon string guitars are usually called classical guitars. These guitars have a softer tone and are easier on the fingers but, like I said they will not give your the volume like a steel string acoustic guitar will give your. Please do NOT put steel strings on a classical guitar.

The reason being is, a classical guitar does not have the support in the neck that an acoustic guitar has to support steel strings. Over time the tension from the steel strings on a classical guitar, will cause the neck to bow or eventually break. For this reason, if your want steel strings, your have to go with an acoustic guitar.

The archtop guitar is a hollow steel-stringed acoustic or semi acoustic guitar with a full body and a distinctive arched top. The most popular of these three is of course, the acoustic. They come with steel strings and all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Different Shapes And Sizes

Here your can see the different shapes and sizes of the most common Acoustic guitars that are out there.


Body Size

Best Guitar For

Concert / Grand Concert

13- 14” Smaller musicians, versatile in terms of sound.

Auditorium / Grand Auditorium

16″ Very balanced sound, great volume range.


20″ The most popular size and design, great for bluegrass.


17″ Your standard “cowboy guitar”, good for country music.

Travel/ Mini Acoustics


Smaller musicians, traveling.

Now let’s get down to business and look at some of these acoustic guitars.

Yamaha FG800

This guitar is an affordable acoustic guitar, ideal for both the beginner and intermediate player. It’s top is made from a solid Sitka Spruce, with a rosewood fingerboard. The tuners are a die-cast which keep the guitar always in tune, as well as adjustable action for newbie. It also comes with a hard case, guitar stand, capo, strings and picks.

The FG800S are often known for its quality fit and good tone projection. This guitar has good playability out of the box and has an impressive tone.

Seagull S6

The S6 from Seagull, comes at about double the price for the Yamaha FG700S, but makes an incredible beginner guitar. This guitar is easy to play, and produces good tones overall. Like the FG700S, the fretboard is also made of rosewood, but the top is made from cedar, instead of maple. This gives a richer tone, which some people prefer. Part of the quality sound is the cherry made back and neck. The combination of the cedar top, cherry construction, and rosewood fretboard give this guitar a much broader and bigger sound.

Big Baby Taylor (BBT)

The Big Baby Taylor is slightly smaller than a dreadnought but still produces a rich sound. The BBT comes with a solid spruce top, laminated back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard. Price at a little over $400.00, it is a lot expensive compared to other acoustic guitars from Taylor. The quality your get might not be found elsewhere under $500.00.

I personally have a Taylor, and paid way more than that. I do love it though. Taylors are known for their low action as well. This is a great guitar for a beginner.

Fender CD-60 Dreadnought

Fender is the biggest name on the list and the CD-60 model is its most affordable dreadnought. This guitar comes with a rosewood bridge and a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, it also comes in a hard case, unlike most beginner guitars on the market today. The rosewood fretboard and dreadnought body give a general warm tone. Users of this guitar claim its easy to play and has quality finish work.


when your are ready to buy a guitar, keep in mind the things to look for as a mentioned in my previous post. With that in mind have fun choosing the right guitar. If your consider Fit, function and sound this will be one of the best experiences your will have.

If your have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will get back to your as soon as possible.

Happy Hunting!!

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