What To Consider When Buying A Guitar-For Beginners


Well congratulations, You have just decided that you want to learn how to play the guitar. Now you have to think about what is the best guitar for beginners, how do I choose?

There are tons to choose from but there is a lot to consider when choosing a guitar. For instance the size, shape, action and especially your budget. You want to make sure you get the right guitar for YOU because if you don’t, it could stop you from wanting to learn as a beginner.

So what is the best guitar for beginners? This will be covered within the topics below and hopefully make this experience fun and painless as possible.

Let’s Talk About You

What I mean is, before you even know what guitar to get, you have to realize that you have to fit a guitar as well as the guitar has to fit you. So let’s see, Do you have a small build, small hands, large hands, short fingers, long fingers? These factors play into your guitar search, If you have a small build and small hands with short fingers you may want to consider a small body guitar with a thin neck, If you have longer fingers you may want a thicker neck.

So before you decide on a guitar, take into consideration what your hands and body are comfortable with. Does it fit on your lap comfortably, What guitar makes it easier for you to get around the neck and to be able reach comfortably around the body to strum the strings? These are an essential for a beginner. You don’t want to get a guitar that doesn’t fit you, it ends up being your last because you don’t like how it feels

And PLEASE, don’t go for a guitar just because it’s pretty. If it does not fit you well and is not easy to play, it is going to be a just a pretty ornament sitting in your closet.

Types Of Guitars

Here I will discuss the different types of guitars and hopefully will help you narrow your search down by checking off the items about you and also things that you are looking for in a guitar. A good guitar for a beginner should always be fun and easy to play.

Though there are two categories of guitars, one will be easier for a beginner than the other.


  1. Acoustic Guitar
  2. Electric Guitar
    • There is also the bass guitar that falls under electric guitars, but that will not be discussed in this post.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars have their own sound. For example: The larger the body of the guitar the larger the sound. I know as a beginner you want to sound great, but don’t forget what we talked about before, if it doesn’t fit your body, it is not going to be comfortable. There are plenty of guitars that sound fantastic in a smaller body. The one other thing you want to consider is the “action” on the guitar.

Low action guitars are easier than high action. What this means is the lower the strings to the neck, you will not have to press the string down as far onto the neck to get a nice sound. The higher the action the further away the strings are from the neck, you will have to press harder to get the strings to touch the neck in order to get a good sound, (without the buzzing).

A lot of beginners don’t think about action on a guitar, they just think about the playing. Having easy action will make a world of difference when you are first starting out and make playing more enjoyable.

The smaller 3/4 size guitar, still has a big sound. It is a great guitar if you are small or petite and have smaller fingers. It is very portable and a lot of people like this guitar because of this.

The parlor guitar is also a great guitar for beginners. This guitar is comfortable to play and may also work for a smaller person. This is where you have to try both sizes and see which one fits you the best.

The auditorium is a full size guitar and is a great beginner guitar, probably not for small size hands and fingers. So for all you “not so tiny” finger people, this would be a great guitar for you to learn on.

The Dreadnought has a big guitar body. This is the most popular body style today. This guitar has a rich deep sound and is great for the all around guitar player. It would still be a good choice for a beginner, just not for those who need to consider size before sound.

Electric Guitars

For beginners I do not recommend an electric guitar. With the electric guitar, there is much more you have to learn, in order to get a good sound.

First of all you have to buy an amplifier just to be able to make sound. Now you have to decide on what is a good amp for you and your electric guitar. You now have to learn how to use the amp and learn how to play the guitar. You also have knobs on electric guitar that you have to learn how to use. There is also the expense of buying these other items just to support your guitar, OH and what was that budget again?

In my opinion, learning to play guitar is hard enough, let’s not throw amps and knobs in right now. Down the road once you have learned to play, you can then go for an electric guitar of your choice.



My recommendation is, find an acoustic guitar that fits you well, sounds good, easy to play and is within your budget.

Once you have these criteria in a guitar, you will want to learn and practice every day. Once you start playing, you will remember and enjoy your first guitar for many years to come.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Strumming!


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5 thoughts on “What To Consider When Buying A Guitar-For Beginners

  1. Very good and to the point. I definitely learn about acoustic guitar types, thanks for the education. I wish I had this information when I bought my guitar. I went for an electric fender stratocaster and you are right there is a lot of extras I had to buy just to support the guitar.

    Thanks again!

  2. I love how thorough this blog is. If I was a new learner and looking for a reference for a new guitar, I would go here. As a person who already plays the guitar, I got some information that were new to me. This was awesome. Very helpful and detailed

  3. Hello, my husband is actually thinking about learning how to play guitar but I didn’t realize that there are different sizes to choose from.
    Does the size make a difference in the sound you get from the guitar?

    1. Yes, it does make a difference. A bigger guitar has a full deep tone but it doesn’t mean that a smaller guitar can’t sound great too. It is just a different tone. They are getting better at making smaller guitars sound big. I have a Taylor and a Yamaha and I like them both. As a beginner I would make sure you are comfortable playing a guitar, then consider later to upgrade. I hope this helps.

  4. Hi Joanne. For a complete guitar novice you have made the job of guitar selection easy. It is a great opportunity to have all the specifications together on one page. It makes the situation of being sold a stores best seller a non event. I am sure any novice looking for a guitar will be grateful for your explanations.
    Great effort.

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